MTAG provides sound business and career advice to an exclusive group of professional athletes who are committed to being personally successful and financially secure during and after their playing careers. Through our network of strategic relationships members have access to a suite of services that help them continue their success off the field of play.


MTAG only provides advisory services or refers clients to advisory services in states where it is registered as an investment advisor. 

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We are athletes, business leaders and entrepreneurs who, like you, have reached the pinnacle of success in our careers.

Meet The Team
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Private Investment Opportunities

Members of MTAG receive access to a range of private investment opportunities. Our experience and resources seek to bring unique private investment opportunities to our clients.

Personal Brand Development

We have the hands-on experience to help you maintain, enhance, and thoughtfully monetize your personal brand.

Continuing Education

Holding bi-annual events for members and their families that will focus on giving you the tools you need to fully understand the finance landscape and the decisions that go into shaping your portfolio.

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Career Transition Consulting

Unparalleled career counseling and transition advice that can only be delivered by professionals with empathy for your situation.

Business Networking

With years of experience in the business and sports industry, no introduction or business venture is out of reach.

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Golf Concierge

Our Golf Concierge Team (Hickory Club) brings an unparalleled service to private golf clubs, instructors, ticket access, and club fittings around the world.

Private Investment Analysis

Evaluating and performing the necessary due diligence and assessing these opportunities on your behalf.

Financial Advisor Evaluation

Leveraging our experience in financial services, we will review the strategy being deployed by your current financial advisor, and recommend changes if and when appropriate.

Letter From Our Co-Founder

Dear Athlete,
Last year, I left the financial services industry after a thirty year career, the last seven of which I had the privilege of running the New York Stock Exchange. While I knew the end of my career and the ensuing transition were both inevitable, their arrival on my doorstep was nonetheless daunting. It was easy to find similarities between my journey and what confronts athletes as their careers invariably come to an end.

When we listen to Dan Carcillo’s heartfelt story about his friend Steve Montador that was recently published on the Player’s Tribune site, we of course all feel saddened. For me, it was more than that. I view Dan’s loss of his friend and his plea that attention be focused on the issue of athletes’ transition as an obligatory call to action, and the driving force behind our creation of the Mountain Top Advisory Group (MTAG).

Much like many successful athletes, I’m proud to say that I reached the pinnacle of success in my chosen field. At the same time, I quickly realized that without the NYSE business card and the platform that comes with it, the phone doesn’t ring quite as much. If this sounds similar to what an athlete deals with upon retirement, it should. If we don’t plan ahead, our first day of retirement finds us with nothing to do, nowhere to go, and fewer people around us than we anticipated, as the network we thought was ours moves on to whomever is still “in the game”. When it’s not about us any more, that stark reality can come swiftly, so we need to be prepared for it.

In my case, I thought long and hard about the go forward plan. I decided that it should be about striving to make a difference while doing things that mattered with people I respected. Using this construct as a decision making filter, I identified founding partners with backgrounds in sports management and investment management and together we’ve launched MTAG. As I read more about these athletes struggling to find purpose post-career, it seemed particularly analogous to the challenges that our nation’s servicemen and women face as they transition from the military to civilian life. As a result, much of my time in my “new” career is spent working on creating comprehensive transition solutions for successful athletes and returning veterans, a space where proposed solutions have fallen woefully short.

Attached please find an overview of the services that professional sports clients affiliated with MTAG can expect to receive. They range from career transition advice, venture investment evaluation and personal brand extension to basic investment management and estate planning services. In addition, we connect clients to other services and opportunities that are delivered by partners in our broader network, such as life event financing, private equity investments and relocation services.

Thank You for your consideration.

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Duncan and the MTAG Team
“Your Success, Continued”


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Mountain Top Advisory Group 49 Route 202, Suite 10, Far Hills, NJ 07931 (908) 953-8400
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